Tamper resistant outlets are an important addition to children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Tamper resistant outlet prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the outlet.
Why Tamper-Resistant (TR) Receptacles are safer than other preventive measures:

  • Once installed, they are permanent, offering continuous protection unlike plastic outlet caps that can be removed
  • Shuttered wallplates add layers of material between blades and receptacle contacts. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has withdrawn its listing from tamper-resistant wallplates
  • Tamper-resistant receptacles are certified and subjected to severe and documented testing procedures defined by UL
  • Automatic protection whenever a plug is removed
  • TR receptacles have been mandated in hospital pediatric wards for over 20 years and have proven to effectively prevent electrical injuries.
    For more information visit: Homeowner FAQ’s
    View a NEMA Video: http://www.childoutletsafety.org/video.html
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