New Construction


This is the time to get everything you dreamed of. You don’t have to settle for “standard construction grade” or “minimum standards”. FLE can help you to make your new home or addition everything you dreamed of.

FLE is different because we’ll review your blueprints to make sure the electrical system fits your needs and wants. Here are the subjects we will review with you:

  1.  Lighting plan. Lighting is the most important element when it comes to the feel of your home . General, accent  and task lighting. Switch controls and placement.
  2. Outlets. Are they where you need them? 
  3. TV, Phone, Internet. Are they everywhere you might want them now and in the future?
  4. Options! Most often forgotten, these are relatively inexpensive to add while the house is being built. Warm floors and mirrors, Christmas lights setup, floor outlets, Designer switches, home automation, etc.

Working together we’ll design the house’s electrical system to work with the way you live, not you working around your house’s electrical system.

FLE brings the same excellent customer service experience to new construction as is does for residential upgrades.

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