Service Panels

Folsom Lake Electric can makes upgrading your service panel as easy and fast as possible.

We’ll make upgrading your service panel easy.

  1. Free Estimates
  2. Getting a permit. Yes, you want a permit
  3. Scheduling a disconnect/reconnect appointment with SMUD or PG&E 
  4. Offer Options like Whole House Surge Surpressor or Power Monitoring Meter

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my power be out?

– Typically, the power will be off in the morning and back on by the afternoon.  

Do I need a permit?

– Yes. SMUD or PG&E will not reconnect your service without a permit. Don’t worry FLE will get the permit for you. 

IMPORTANT: If you have, or think you might have a ZINSCO Brand Panel, click on the link or give us a call.

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